Have passed Magento Certified Developer Exam

Have passed Magento Certified Developer Exam

06 Sep 2014 12:59

Finally after such a long time working with magento i also prove my self as Magento certified developer.

After having more then 3 years of experience in magento, I decided to take a Magento Certified developer exam to put my self as Certified developer with international level.

It was amazing experience during the magento certified developer exam.

Before exam started i was just an ordinary magento developer who is known by his experience and past project. But when my exam was completed and have seen a screen with message that you have passed a magneto certified developer exam, at that time it completely changed from ordinary developer to Magento Certified Developer

When some one asking me that 'what you are as developer?' at that time, I have to tell all the thing which i did in my past work experience as well what i project did. But now i do not need to explain all the thing which i did, i just need to say that 'I am Magento Certified Developer' and that certification tell every thing behalf of me.